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Related post: Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 03:56:39 -0800 (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Reverend JimReverend JimBy Bald Hairy ManEmail, or bldhrymnaol.comThis is an adult story for adults. It is not intended for minors, nor for persons pthc 9yo toplist who pthc amber are offended by alternate life styles. No effort is made to use safe sexual practices. It's intended to be fun, not a sex manual.I had no idea who Jim was when I met him. I was in Richmond on my regular sales trip. He was in town for a convention. We had reservations in the same motel, but Jim's reservation had fallen into a computer-generated black hole. I never did find out exactly what happened, but he was at the front desk and the reservation was lost with the entire hotel was booked solid. He was from a small town in West Virginia, had no pthc russian 10yo friends in Richmond and had been traveling alone.I pthc previews was passing through the lobby when he was trying to find a place to stay. As a salesman, travel was my life and I had enough experience with lost reservations and over bookings to roll with the punches. Jim clearly wasn't experienced and he seemed lost. The Desk Clerk was acting put upon and was on the cusp of being rude. This pthc bbs sven Clerk had checked me in the night before. He had been polite then and I recognized all the signs of exhaustion. He must have been working for a solid cp pthc dorki 12 hours. I was at the desk leaving a message for the maid and overheard the conversation."I've got an extra bed in my room, if you don't mind a roommate." I offered. "Someone might cancel their reservation tomorrow." Jim looked at me as if I was Mother Theresa. "You can have the bed if you want.""If you would let me, I could pay half." he said. "It would help me a lot. I've got meetings I've got to get to this morning." The Desk Clerk looked relieved. He produced a second key card and I took Jim to my room. It was a large room with two queen-sized beds. I am a neat guy, so all my stuff was in one area."I'm Bill Richland." I said. "I'll be on a sales call all day, so I won't be back until after dinner.""Jim Yount," he said. "All I need is a place to sleep. I really appreciate you offering the bed.""No problem for me at all." I said. "I'm off now." We shook hands and I went to my meetings. It was a xxx pthc galleries long,but rewarding day for me. I sell sophisticated software systems, custom designed for individual businesses. I went to a small corporation,which didn't seem to have a clear idea what they needed. After six hours of non-stop conferences, I finally figured out what they required. I then had to send the information into my company, so they could design a program for them. I got back to the room at eight in the evening.I made myself a drink and turned on the television. I needed a shower badly; I stripped and got under the water. It felt great. The air conditioning had been on the fritz at the company where I had pedophile pthc spend the day and the C. E .O. of the company had smoked. I smelled like a cigarette butt.When I walked into the bedroom I was shocked to see Jim standing there. I had totally forgotten I had a roommate. I was stark naked and wasn't even carrying a towel. I must have looked shocked."I'll leave." he said hurriedly. I smiled."Hey, don't bother. We're all boys here. I don't have anything you don't have." I went back into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. When I returned to the pthc sister bedroom, I briefly thought Jim looked disappointed."How was your day?" I asked as I sat on my bed and took a sip 09 15 07 pthc of my drink. pthc photos sex "Oh, I'm sorry, would you like a drink?" Jim looked at me."I think I might." he bbs ddogg pthc said slowly, as if it was a big deal. I made him a bourbon and water. He sipped the drink slowly. I realized he wasn't a drinker, but he didn't mind the taste."I'm not watching anything in particular on the TV. Anything you are interested in?" I asked. He said, he didn't care, so I found an old movie and sat back on my bed. We talked some. He had never been to Richmond before and it seemed like a big city pthc issue to him. I knew the pthc teen kinder deutschland place well, so I told him where the good pthc model pics restaurants were. Jim wasn't sure he would have enough time to see much. I made another drink for him. He seemed to like it.Jim was 35 or so, good looking, with a small moustache and carefully groomed, brown hair. He was going bald, but wasn't ready index parent directory pthc to admit it. He was slim and tall. He seemed younger than his years. He told me about his home and growing up in a small town. I gave him a third drink.I hadn't dorki pthc gallery gotten dressed, so I was sitting all but naked on my bed. Jim began to loosen up. I had the impression he was the kind of guy who thought unbuttoning his top button was informal. I noticed 10 year old pthc at pthc pics dad daughter first he only looked at me when he thought I wasn't looking. After a few drinks he was looking at me all the time."Do you ever shave?" pthc r ygold vicky he asked, straight out of the blue."Everyday, I like cgiworld pthc lsmix my beard trimmed." I said."No, I mean your body, you sure are hairy.""Nope, never.""What does your wife say?" pthc nn ls island he asked. "My wife thinks it's gross.""Not married. But it's not gross. It's just the way I am.""You haven't found the right woman yet?" he asked."That's one way you could put it." I said. Jim had a glimmer of understanding. We talked a bit longer, then he went to take a shower. I turned the station to the 11:00 news. I'm gay and I pthc r ygold topsite should have picked up on Jim's comments, but I was dead tired. They were odd enough, but I didn't think about them. I was watching the weather report when he came out of kids pthc ddoggprn the shower. I looked up. He was wearing a towel."Shit, if you wife doesn't like hairy men, she sure married the wrong man." I said. "You're a real hairball.""Do 10 yo pics pthc you think it's gross?" Jim asked. He sounded genuinely worried and embarrassed."Hell no! Damn, you're hairy, that's all. You look good. Masculine, not gross." As I said that, his towel accidentally dropped. "And hung! You're packing a nice piece of ptsc pthc sample meat.""My wife pthc proibida gallery thinks that's gross too." he said. "She thinks it's too pthc movies girls big and says it hurts her.""Well, maybe it does, but it sure isn't too big. Generally there is no such thing as too big bbs pthc forum in cocks." I said. alguna pagina pthc "You've got a prize winner.""You're kidding." Jim said. He pthc bbs boy sounded genuinely shocked. I laughed. He looked embarrassed."Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you, but I'm not kidding.""You're sure? My wife says it's big, ugly and gross. You don't have a wife, you wouldn't know.""Didn't you do any looking around in the shower room of the gym at High School? Never checked out the other guys? You must have stood out.""I was in a small, Christian cg pedo 3d pthc School. We didn't have bbs pthc teen gym and we sure never looked at each other's," he paused, " penises. We didn't do that sort of thing." Jim sounded a bit defensive, but uneasy."Well, I sure voodoo portal pthc took a gander and take my word for it. There's nothing wrong with your cock. I haven't exactly made a scientific study, but you've got nothing to worry about." Jim looked at me for a second. He really wanted to know more, but was afraid to ask. He grabbed his towel and went back to the bath. I was feeling sleepy, so I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew it was seven o'clock the next morning.Jumping up, I showered, dressed and raced ou; I had an eight o'clock appointment on the other side of town. When I left, Jim was sleeping soundly. It was Friday and there were three cold calls to make. Richmond was in another salesman's gay pthc area. His wife had gone into labor the day I got back from a sales trip into the deeper south, so I took his trip. I had the Richmond area several years before, so I knew much about the place, but cold calls are always free usenet servers pthc a problem.I illegal pthc sex was bushed from my earlier trip and I soon found out the other salesman hadn't done much homework. The first two appointments were worthless. There was pthc liluplanet no way those companies could have pthc zeps ranchi superalexx used our services. The third was good though. They didn't need our services either. but they knew of someone who did. They were in the same office building, so I dropped in. They were a rapidly growing organization and were a perfect fit.I really hit it pthc rape pics off with their bookkeeper. They had a potential to become a major client. The bookkeeper asked if I could come back the next day to meet the President. I had hoped to get home, but I was topsite pthc on commission and this could be a real windfall.I got back to the hotel room pthc foros at 4:00 and kbook pthc called the home office. pthc imgbbs feru They were enthusiastic, so I added another day to my trip. Richmond was at it's most sweltering this time of year, so I took a shower before figuring out where to go for dinner. When I got out, I walked into the bedroom naked and there was Jim with another guy standing, staring at me."Damn, I did it again." young nude pthc I said. "You pthc boy sex teen cum pthc must think I do nothing, but wander around hotel top pthc kiddy pussy rooms naked." Jim laughed."Well, I guess it's your room after all. I didn't expect you pthc bbs cgi board to be back this rika nishimura pthc thumbnails early." Jim replied. "This is Terry, a friend of mine." We shook hands. Terry was a few years younger than Jim, with curly, black hair. He could hardly keep his eyes off my cock.`Let me get dressed." I said."No need to do it on our account." Jim replied. "As you said yesterday, we're all boys here and there's nothing we haven't seen before." I had been tired the day before and had missed the sexual potential of the situation. I was feeling good today and the sexual tension kdz bdsm pthc in the air was thick enough to be bottled. "We are off to a banquet tonight and I was going to clean up myself. It's as hot meet art pthc and muggy as I can stand out there." Jim added."Well, a shower sure hit defloration video pthc sex the spot for me." I said."Terry has a change of clothes in the car, do you mind if he changes youthtube pthc here?" Jim asked, "He had been planning to do it in the men's room of the Banquet Hall.""Not at all. There are extra towels in the bath, if he wants to shower." I said. Terry finally took his eyes off my cock and left the room to get his clothes. I got on my dee desi pthc hussyfan bed, but didn't dress. Jim went pthc ls land bbs to take a shower and Terry returned with an lol bbs forum pthc overnight bag. pthc bbs darkcollection When I let him in, you could tell he was surprised and relieved I was still nude.Jim emerged from childs sex pthc the bath wearing a towel and Terry took his place in the bathroom. little teen pthc I made a drink and gave Jim one. I could clearly see the outline of his cock. He wasn't hard, but he sure wasn't soft either. He looked very nervous and the drink helped. forum bbs pthc pix I was wondering what Terry would be wearing after the shower. He emerged naked, drying his hair with the towel, rather than wearing it. He had pale skin and most of his body was covered in curly black fuzz. He was 5-10 and about virgins pthc galleries 150 pounds. Terry was at half-staff.I gave Terry a drink and we talked. Jim's towel slipped off and pthc free bbs Terry saw Jim's cock. pthc chill His jaw dropped."It's a beauty, isn't it?" I pthc proibida pics vids asked."Damn, is it real?" Terry gasped."I had to explain to our friend here, he's got a monster, but an attractive monster." I said laughing. "It's a real baby pthc cocksucker maker." The attention made Jim hard. He reached for his towel."Don't cover it up." young defloration toplist pthc Terry begged."It's embarrassing." Jim said."If I had a cock like that, I be naked all the time and strutting my stuff!" Terry said. By this time we were all hard. I was next to Terry and I stroked his cock. pthc news He shot a single volley of cum through the air. "I'm rompl pthc dark sorry about that." he said."Shooting is the name of the game!" I said. "I wish I could shoot so easily.""I yahoo briefcase pthc shouldn't be doing this." Jim said."I think your cock disagrees." I said. "It looks real interested." bbs board message pthc Jim was hard. He was impressive soft; hard he was a Worlds Fair exhibit. It was a beauty. He got up and joined Terry and me. Jim was soon stroking his cock. He was jerking frantically in seconds."Hey guys, let's calm down some." I cried. "This ain't a race! Let's slow up and enjoy it." I got Terry to slow down. Jim was still jerking. I stopped him by dropping to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth. He was too shocked to object and pthc nudists by the time he recovered enough to complain it felt too good. He was hooked."Stop, you shouldn't do that." he said in a weak voice. He wasn't sincere. I deep throated him and when I pulled off I must have siphoned a cup of pthc gallieries precum from his balls. His mouth was saying one thing, but his cock and balls vombat pthc nude were wildly excited. I knew from my own experience, you've got much more control of pthc fotki your mouth than your cock, pthc gazou especially cock juices.I took a breath and freed Jim's cock from my mouth. Much to my surprise, Terry replaced me on Jim's cock. Terry went after Jim's meat like a starving man."I'm going to shoot!" Jim cried."Do you want to pop now, 8 12 yo pthc or play some more and pop later?" I asked. "Let's play more." Jim whispered. I pried Terry what is vicky pthc off of Jim's cock. He switched to me. Terry was a vigorous and enthusiastic cocksucker. He wasn't very skilled, but with his enthusiasm, he would be an expert in no time at all. Jim watched."Do you want to try it?" ygold pthc I asked. Jim nodded."You'd better try me first." I said. "I think Terry's too hot. He may shoot too fast for you to get the idea." I took Terry's head in my hands and made him stop sucking me. pthc sex download free Jim took his place. I was getting ripe myself.Jim stuck out his tongue and touched my cock head. He licked the edge of the head gingerly. I could see he was trying to avoid the slit. He was licking the underside of my head at voodoo bbs pthc the spot where the foreskin connected, when my cock had a spasm pthc rompl pthc and a young anal pthc vid glob of precum oozed from the slit and dripped onto Jim's tongue. My precum acted like an electric shock. Jim tried to swallow my cock whole. He lost all his inhibitions.Jim surrendered himself to cock sucking. He was enthusiastic and vigorous, like Terry, but Jim was a master cocksucker. I knew this was his first time, but he buy dvd pthc was a natural. Terry was looking on. He was sporting a cock so hard, it looked as if it hurt.Jim took a breather and looked at Terry's cock. I figured Terry was ready to shoot and wasn't sure Jim was ready for a mouthful of cum. I decided to take it for myself. Quite frankly, I had no problem with a shooting cock at all. A pthc pussy friend of mine said, I was a cum hound, so I guess you could say I had a warm spot for man seed, fresh from the spigot."Let me take Terry." russian bbs pedo pthc I told Jim. "He's got a problem I need to take care of." I got on my knees and stuck my tongue out to touch Terry's cock head. It was a purplish-blue and shiny. He shot another volley of cum. It shot into my mouth."Shit, that's hot!" Jim said. He was on his knees next to me, so he had a front row seat to bbs board max pthc watch Terry's orgasm. I wrapped my mouth around Terry's cock. I deep throated him. It had been a single ejaculation. I went down on him several times. He started to shiver. I knew he was building up a fierce head of steam. He began to twitch.I pulled off his cock just in time for him to blow. He shot across my tongue and into my mouth. I guessed Jim would like that. He did. When the big shots were over pthc black cock I sucked the drooling top 100 pthc cock head again and got every drop. Terry was moaning in ecstasy when I finished with him and took care of Jim. He bbs board pthc was on his knees so I toplist fuck pthc made him sit back, so his massive cock stood out like the figurehead of ship.He was ripe. He hadn't quite reached Terry's pthc illegal cp state of erection, but he was damn close. Fully erect, there was no way I could deep throat him. I could do a lot with his head and that's all he needed. Jim began to cum. Terry had an explosive orgasm. Jim was intense, but continuous. Terry shot in distinct ejaculations with a second between each explosion.Jim went squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt. He started and didn't stop. Normally a guy shoots a big load, cparchive pthc then lollita porn free pthc the cum supply rapidly diminishes. Jim's had balls that gave and kept on giving. I must dark pthc portal have swallowed four times before he finally calmed down. He gave me the mother load of man seed."When did you shoot last?" I asked after he stopped and I pulled off his cock. "That was one hell of an orgasm.""A month or two ago." he said. "My wife doesn't like sex much.""You don't jack off?" I asked. Jim looked confused."You're not supposed to." he answered."Where in hell did you get that idea?" I asked. This began a long conversation. It turned out Jim was a Southern Baptist preacher pthc usenet and he had believed it all. I hadn't ever met anyone, 13 yo pthc torrent who not only believed sex was bad, but he hadn't pthc model sandra xxx done anything either. The only acceptable sex was with your wife, when associated with child production.Jim had been the world's straightest arrow up to the moment he got his first blowjob. He was convinced he was ugly and unattractive. Jim had never enjoyed sex and he thought sex was gross and ugly. His wife must have been a pthc top tgp pics treat to little boy pthc live with.That afternoon changed his life.
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